The platform is only optimized for computers by the moment

Installation & activation guide


  • To experience the best performance possible with our software, we recommend to stick updated to the latest Photoshop version.

  • UXP (.ccx) plugins are only supported from Photoshop v23.3 and later. Nevertheless when the software is downloaded, the .ZIP file comes with an alternative version compatible with Photoshop 2018 and later which is CEP (.zxp) but it is an older version.

  • Full compatibility with M1 chips for Oniric, BreakGen is under migration, we expect to have its UXP version ready soon.

  • The pugins are available forWindows andmacOS.


  • All the plugins will work as fast as Adobe Photoshop does in your computer, so if Adobe Photoshop is fast, the plugin will be fast. We optimize our tools to work as fast as possible.


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If you are having trouble installing any of this files, please share your issue on our Community and Support Group on Facebook or visit our support page.

IMPORTANT: The files were developed in order to work with original copies of Adobe Photoshop. If you do not own a original version of any of the softwares we are not responsable for the malfunction of any of the files. We do not contribute to piracy.


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