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M1 Compatibility

Oniric is now a UXP plugin which means it has full compatibility with M1 Mac chips. There's no need to enable Rosetta anymore to make Oniric work.

A game changer plugin

Oniric is an intuitive, photorealistic and non-destructive glow plugin for Adobe Photoshop that uses physically-based light falloff algorithms to create photorealisitic and striking glows for your images.
Image by Gary McIntyre


Bloom effect is one of the two core features of Oniric. It uses inverse square falloff algorithms (same as real light does) to create non-linear light transitions and realistic look for the glows. Combined with our algorithms it works amazing with the "colorize" feature.


Generating glare is another core feature of Oniric. With this type of glow you can create very interesting and creative light effects that you didn't think before on your image. You can create very cool anamorphic lens flares like the image of the car under this or make some creative light effects with your portraits like this one. We have made tutorials to show you how to create them, the rest is all about that you experiment with settings and find more ways of creation.

Gamma correct

We've added gamma correction to Oniric 2 which is a game changer to create smoother and more dense glows to your images. Here's an example on how gamma works.

Image by ENCREATE | Indro

Threshold & Dynamic Range

Oniric's threshold have been visually improved. Also it's range has been increased, this means now darker pixels can generate a lot of glow as well.

Custom colors

We've made an algorithm that deliver very pleasent and smooth color transitions when using "colorize" feature.

A very powerful Oniric feature is that you can customize your glows by turning on the "colorize" option, this opens more ways of creation and a wide range of colors you didn't think about before to apply on your image.

Image by Felix Hernandez

32-Bit Supported

With the power of 32-Bit the Oniric glows dynamic range is extended in ways that couldn't be possible before! Now Oniric can create intense glows from very small sources!

Non destructive

We've created a plugin that delivers non-destructive results, this means that the plugin doesn't destroy your pixels and it gives you the capability to edit your Oniric elements whenever you want and change any setting again and again.

When pressing "edit mode", Oniric searches for all of your Oniric elements already created and lets you choose which element you want to edit.

Save and load presets

Sometimes you’ll want to recreate one type of glow over and over, or maybe increase your workflow speed, that’s when you save and load your custom presets.
User-friendly UI

We are constantly improving Onirics heart and UI to make it clearly simple as possible. We know how important it is to learn to use a new software, that’s why we keep things simple and intuitive for our users.
Precise glows

We build an inner mask system workflow for Oniric so can be more precise when creating glows for your images.

What artists think about Oniric

Before launching Oniric, we tested the plugin thousand times, with thousand different images so we could wrote the most advanced algorithms for the heart of Oniric. We asked a bunch of amazing artists to test all the beta versions so we could develop a high quality product for the creative community.

Jorge Pérez-Duarte
Creative Retoucher

"Oniric is one of the most powerful panels for Photoshop I've ever used. Doing Bloom, Glows and Glares, well let’s say it takes a while to master your own technique and even now I still take my time to make them look how I want them to. It is a crucial part of any compositing process, to make your art pop and look real. Oniric helps me eradicate all that process and gives me incredible creative freedom, as I can have any look I want at a simple slide of my cursor. I can see so many different results at an instant and that’s totally Gold for me. To add up, it is a super user-friendly panel, didn’t even need a tutorial to learn how to use it, and those aesthetics are beautiful! Oniric has completely become a fundamental part of my editing process. I want to thank Mario Olvera for letting me test this amazing Photoshop Panel and for giving so much passion to turn this project into a reality."
Aakaash Bali
Fine-art narrative photographer and retoucher

"I am a fine-art narrative photographer and retoucher based out of New York. Time and time again, I rely on painting glowing effects (such as bloomed highlights, or atmospheric glows from elements such as fire) in my work. After getting the opportunity to play with Oniric by Composite Nation, I was blown away by how time-saving this plugin is. Not only are the glows infinitely adjustable in terms of spread, intensity, stylization, color, and location, but they render incredibly quickly, smoothly, and are completely nondestructive. This plugin is for the artists that want to inject atmosphere and impact into their images, and it does this extremely well. Gone are the days where I intentionally shoot with a Pro-Mist or Glimmerglass filter(s) to achieve an "organic" glow effect, because this plugin achieves that same look and feel with a ton of customization available. I HIGHLY recommend Oniric as part of your arsenal."
Javier Alejandro Solis
Photographer - Digital Artist

" Oniric feels like the cherry on top of my artworks. The glow offers a lot of different ranges around the image that I would not even consider to put before. I have a bunch of photoshop extensions and I ended up keeping only two because the rest do not fulfill my need as an artist. Without a doubt Oniric is an extension I will carry with me around my whole profession."
Jan Gonzales
Photographer - Fujifilm Ambassador

" Oniric is one of the best plugins for Photoshop. Accurate light bloom and streaks generation based on existing highlights. With the masking and color feature, it creates an atmosphere taking your images to the next level!"
Antti Karppinen
Photographer - Elinchrom Ambassador

"As a rather old school digital artist I don’t add often new tools and plugins to my workflow but Oniric is definitely something that I will be using. As my images usually have that cinematic quality Oniric is amazing to tool to help me push my images even further. This tool provides me amazing glow effects and flares that just make the images pop. And since those glow effects are usually time-consuming to create with regular tools, Oniric will cut down also the retouching time which is also really important for me. Mario has created a beast of a plugin that will change and speed up the way I will be creating this kind of special effects to my images."
Dustin Valkema
Photographer - Digital Artist

"We’re all looking for that “final touch”, that extra pop of awesome to our artwork and Oniric is exactly that! I don’t often add new plugins into my workflow and was astounded by the way I was able to integrate Oniric flawlessly. Not only do the bloom and glare effects look awesome, but they’re quite accurate to what your eyes want to see in the real world, with no hassle. You can use it for subtle blooms and glints or punch it up a bit to fit a wide range of stylized workflows and effects. As a 3D artist I now often bypass the “post effects” or bloom and glare during render time on still renders and use Oniric in post production as it’s extremely stable and best of all non-destructive! It simply saves you a lot of time in creating the effects Oniric offers. I can’t say enough great things about this plugin. You won’t be disappointed when you use it for the first time! At the time of this testimonial I’ve been using Oniric (beta) for just over a year, and can say that it has changed my post production process in Photoshop. It is simply the most versatile non destructive bloom and glare plugin and won’t be leaving my side… ever. It’s pretty much my digital Frank’s RedHot… I use it on everything!"

  • To experience the best performance possible with our software, we recommend to stick updated to the latest Photoshop version.

  • UXP (.ccx) plugins are only supported from Photoshop v23.3 and later. Nevertheless when the software is downloaded, the .ZIP file comes with an alternative version compatible with Photoshop 2018 and later which is CEP (.zxp).

  • Oniric UXP has full compatibility with M1 chips and runs natively in Photoshop v23.3 and later.

  • The pugin is available forWindows andmacOS.


  • The plugin will work as fast as Adobe Photoshop does in your computer, so if Adobe Photoshop is fast, the plugin will be fast. We optimize our tools to work as fast as possible as they are not GPU accelerated yet.

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