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Oniric Release Notes
Here you'll find a list of the Oniric updates sorted by version and date

  • BUG FIXED - The Light dispersion feature had an issue when using Oniric streaks, if the detail slider was increased more than 0, after saving there was a bug that was causing to output a different result than the one that was rendered inside the Oniric element. Oniric nows renders exactly what is in the preview.
  • A bug which was causing Oniric to restart each time that the window was closed has been fixed
  • Improved algorithm for the Light dispersion feature
  • RGB channels were added to the Light dispersion feature so you can combine two of them and get more creative
  • Loading alpha channels as a mask is now possible
  • Now you can target a color range with the “select range” tool.On each click Oniric will automatically create a mask based on that color range. If you have a mask already created it will add this new color range to the actual mask.
  • A blur button was added to soften the mask if needed
  • Small tweaks on the UI desing
  • Minor bug fixes
  • NEW FEATURE - Light dispersion slider setting was added to have more control over the glow and to achieve a more natural look
  • Added the option to auto-rename Oniric-elements
  • The reset button was added again but smaller, on the top-right of the UI
  • Some little UI design tweaks
  • BUG FIXED - If document was 16 bit, when pressing "Edit Element" was causing an error
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Improved Oniric's UI with a more flexible and intuitive mask feature
  • The Adobe Photoshop tool bar is now visible inside Oniric
  • Brush, eraser, invert and clear-mask buttons were added to the mask feature
  • Mask opacity was decreased to be able to see what is behind
  • Exposure algorithm was improved to deliver more power and better results
  • In Glow type, the word "TYPE" was changed to "ONIRIC" and the word "BLOOM" was changed to "DIFFUSE"
  • The default value of the SATURATION slider was decreased by 20%, this gives a more natural result
  • An eyedropper was added to the HUE slider so it is possible now to sample any color from your image
  • Oniric automatically instlalls its own brushes to work propertly, you should see a new brush group within your brushes
  • Removed the CN License Manager and the license management is now integrated inside Oniric
  • The word from the button "APPLY" was changed to "SAVE"
  • A dialog window pops when pressing SAVE button to customize the glow name
  • The POST BLUR slider was removed
  • Fixed minor bugs in previews versions
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a deletion of your history when creating an Oniric_Element.This was affecting your CTRL + Z
  • You may feel an improvement on the speed
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Oniric to not be shown on Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 under extensions menu
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Initial release
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