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(Mac M1) I don't see the plugin under the extensions menu
If you own a Mac with an M1 processor, probably you'll need to enable Rosetta in the Photoshop app to see the plugin under the extensions menu.
How do I download a plugin that I've already purchased?
The buttons to download the plugin installer for Windows and macOS are inside your dashboard. On your license box there's a 'INSTALLER' text at the right, below you'll find the buttons to download the installer for the OS of your choice. To go to your dashboard, click on the next link:
My plugin says 'NOT ACTIVATED', how I can activate it?
You'll need your license serial key which is inside your license box within your dashboard. Also you'll need to have installed the License Manager plugin for the activation of any Composite Nation plugin. The License Manager .exe installer and .zxp file should be inside the .ZIP.
How do I install the .ZXP file?
We have a dedicated section for that. You can follow the Installation and activation guide:
Do you have tutorials to learn to use the plugins?
Yes, we have a dedicated section for that:
The plugin sasys [[INVALID LICENSE]] - Error code: ZX859
This only happens if you are trying to use a license which doesn't belongs to you. We created an anti-piracy technology to protect our hard work on this plugins. If you are aware that you are not trying to pirate anything, please contact us with the requested data with the next form:

Can I change my account information?
Yes you can. Within your dashboard, there's an edit icon on the top-right that will let you access to edit mode so you can change your information. For security, you'll need to type your password to commit your changes. Click on the link below:
What can I do if I lost my password?
You can request a link to reset your password. Click on the link below:
I need an invoice of a product that I've purchased. Where I can get it?
Got to (You'll need to be logged in). Inside your orders you'll see a small "invoice" button on the bottom-right of any of your orders. It will open a PDF of the invoice so you can download it.
I'm not receiving any emails from Composite Nation
Please make sure you already looked at the spam folder. Also make sure you add our email addresses as safe:
Licenses & Serial Keys

Where I can find my Serial-Key?
Your serial key is displayed within your dashboard inside your license box, at the center:
How do I install my license?
We made a dedicated section for installation and activation of the plugins and licenses:
Can I change my license from one computer to another?
Yes you can. If you're already on your computers limit, first you need to uninstall your license from that computer in order to install it in another computer. We made a dedicated section for installation and activation of the plugins and licenses:
How many computer can I use with my license?
The number of computers depends on your license type:
  • Single user → up to 2 computers.
  • Studio license → up to 10 computers.

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