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Breakdown generator plugin for Adobe Photoshop

"Sometimes is more important the way you present your work than the work itself"

What is BreakGen?

BreakGen is an Adobe Photoshop panel that will help you to automatically build breakdowns from your Photoshop document, animating layer by layer so you can share the process behind your work.

But, what is a breakdown? A breakdown is nothing more than an elegant and entertaining way to show the hard work behind a piece of art. Showing a breakdown in your portfolio adds tremendous amounts of value to it, as the spectators can understand how much of the work was put on creating the art. Also, we as artists find a lot of knowledge on those breakdowns, they are very informative and pleasant to watch.

So If you haven't made a breakdown of your work in Photoshop, doesn't matter if you are a CGI artist, Photographer, Digital Painter, Mattepainter, sharing a breakdown makes people find your work more interesting and one can learn a lot by just watching a breakdown.

Here's an example of a breakdown:

Why BreakGen is a time saver?

Generating manually a breakdown in Photoshop of your layers isn't that hard actually, but it can be a tedious workflow if you do it every single time with every new work you do, and the more layers, the more time it will take you to create a breakdown by hand.

So BreakGen comes to the rescue, to save you time by generating a breakdown of your layers by just clicking one single button.

Just press "Generate" and you can go downstairs for a glass of water, when you come back your breakdown will be ready to share it to the world, that easy!



License details

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Photoshop v23.5.0 +

Installation & Activation

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